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We're a little (a lot) different

We are a one-of-a-kind, world-class collection of thought leaders, talent development experts, and professional coaches who are committed to creating healthy, balanced, and purpose-driven leaders.


Talonya Geary and Ryan Espinosa have over 25 years in training and education, having worked with Tony Robbins, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Nike, Nordstrom, Macy's, Wall Street Journal Radio, Hay House Publishing, Fortune 500 Companies, Top Tier Universities, and more.

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When I was eight years old, I quickly realized that I was an entrepreneur (and #goDoer) after I convinced my older brother to start our first business together. 

This experience shaped my identity and gave me a taste of how you can create something of value when you combine a vision of service with action. 

Since then, I have started and grown multiple businesses ranging from passion projects to multi-platform companies. Today, I'm committed to building social enterprises that help people learn, live lives with purpose, and leader others to do good.

My blueprint: Life is short, #goDo what you love.


Raised in an entrepreneurial family, I have built and created businesses for most of my life in design, real estate and art.  


A socially driven activist at heart and in the street, I’m committed to promoting and supporting our LGBT community, our global community and our planet.

Surrounding myself with mentors and coaches has helped me create a stronger personal foundation, provided growth opportunities and guidance during both triumphant and challenging times.  

My dream is to bring these resources to more people in our community, to become stronger and more powerful together and to have some fun while doing it.

My blueprint: Do the things I love, and help others do the same.

ekene okwu
ekene okwu
shawnee harkins
shawnee harkins


We are proud to create lasting change with the help of the following educators, authors, and leading industry experts: 


Curriculum Design & Development Guru

My Blueprint: We are put on this earth to make a difference in the lives of other people.


Brand Designer & Consultant

My Blueprint: Live to the point of tears. 

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Leading-Edge Agent of Change

My Blueprint: You can find me writing, facilitating, and telling stories.


Marketing & Innovation Thought Leader

My Blueprint: On the other side of fear is everything we want.

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past speakers

We are grateful for our network of brilliant thought leaders from diverse sectors that have contributed to spiire's events, programming, and experiences:

ekene okwu
shawnee harkins

We are looking for innovative thought leaders in the areas of authentic leadership, diversity + inclusion, and innovation. If you are an author, consultant, coach, speaker, educator, or change maker, please contact us.


Let's partner to develop one million thought leaders. 

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rodrigo bellott
shane snipes
james f. keith
stephanie sandberg
bob witeck

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