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Authentic Leadership

Authenticity is a word thrown around these days, but we're of the belief that there's value in each crevice. But what does it really mean to be an authentic leader?

I think it's safe to say that what the world needs these days is some hardcore honesty. In a time when we hear the uttering of what's real and fake, we are hungry to understand how and where to find the truth.

As we have stated multiple times, we believe the world is hungry for a new type of leader. We are in need of those who value trust and honesty over profit, and those who keep a watchful eye on purpose and their purpose. And over the past several years, we have been in search of our own authentic voice. As an organization, we have been committed to leading others with purpose, and there were times when that voice transformed from inspired to worried.

What does an authentic leader look like? How do you know if you are one? What advantages are gained through authenticity? I like to simplify things, and learned from my years working with peak performance guru, Tony Robbins, exactly how to chunk things down to keep it simple. The below ten things are listed to provide you with an introduction to what it means to be an "Authentiic Leader":


Authentic leaders aren't perfect but they strive for healthy -- physically, emotionally, and intellectually.


Work-life balance is a hot topic these days, and of course. Research has well overstated the importance of balance. After all, have you ever worked for or with (or lived with) someone who was completely out of balance? Yes, it is not fun.


Authentic leaders worship purpose, not money or material possessions.

Values + Beliefs

Authentic leaders take the time to understand their values. They take inventory of what motivates them, and are willing to draw a line in the sand to guide them by an internal moral compass.

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